Absolutes Leandro and Talita win ticket to 2011 Worlds

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Photos: Augusto Turbo/Publicity

The Baby Barione gymnasium in São Paulo was the venue for the second leg of the São Paulo Jiu-Jitsu Circuit this past Wednesday, and Leandro “Lo” Nascimento (PSLPB) and Talita Nogueira (Ryan Gracie) are still on a roll in competition.

The pair were the standouts at the event, winning the FPJJ absolute titles and reaping the travel and board to the next month’s IBJJF World Championship as a reward.

Leandro Lo, a Cicero Costha black belt and the winner of the lightweight division at the Abu Dhabi World Pro, didn’t give his opponents a chance. First, he took the lightweight division on Saturday, then he closed out the Sunday absolute with teammate Augusto Ferrari.

Now Talita Nogueira, a Pitta Jr. brown belt, was the winner at the ADCC trials in Brazil, without the gi, but she took no rest following the achievement – she kept up her romp in her weight group and also took the absolute after winning a hotly-disputed match against brown belt Andressa Correia (Alliance).

Talita heads into the 2011 Worlds on a roll: will she be able to stop further Alliance athletes?

Over one thousand athletes blue to black belts (from adult to super senior) competed at the tournament. The event was overtaken with emotion and commotion from athletes and spectators alike, with several tributes made in the memory of Master Adilson Souza (Bonsai), who passed away on the first of May. One of the tributes was a T-shirt with a caricature of the master and father of the Souza brothers, worn by the staff.

Check out the results at the website www.fpjj.com.br.

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