Brazilian champions to watch for down the road

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Unafraid of the locals, outsider Willie Leonard won the purple belt absolute at the Brazilian Nationals. Photo: Ivan Trindade.

Once again, nobody else had a chance. Hardly had the Brazilian Nationals 2011 started this weekend and already had all the chips it had bet on some of the up-and-coming talent back.

Consult the champions list on the IBJJF website, clicking here, and notice how many of the names you’ve already seen right here on this website in other articles. Yes, they again put on their finest displays, on the mats at the Tijuca Tennis Club.

At purple belt, for example, Paulo Henrique Miyao and João Ricardo Miyao (PSLPB Cicero Costha) closed out the light featherweight division yet again. After reining in Abu Dhabi at the World Pro, João went on to take runner-up in the purple belt absolute in Tijuca, stopping only at another precious commodity you’ve read about here: Willie Leonard (Lloyd Irvin), the open weight winner.

Besides them, keep an eye out for these champions in the future: Victor Santos (GF Team), Kit James Dale (Peter de Been), Alberto Emiliano (Nova União) and Walnan Constantino (Universidade de Luta).

At blue, Patrick Gaudio (Top Brothers) was one of the standouts, have previously been pointed out as having great promise by at the start of the 2010. In the absolute, Fernando Reis (Alliance) reined supreme.

To find out more about the Brazilian Nationals and the up-and-coming bevvy of gentle art champions, stay tuned to – and on twitter (@graciemag).

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