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One video posted here on GRACIEMAG.com about female self-defense caused quite a stir – a production by black belt Ronaldo Aoqui, a teacher at Gracie Academy Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

“A lot of big names spread the video over face book – folks like Pedro Sauer, Crosley Gracie, and Kyra Gracie. Kyra even congratulated me on the video and wished me success. I never expected such repercussion,” Aoqui said.

Master Pedro Sauer even went so far as to post a message for the Gracie RN teacher.

“That’s why all my daughters do Jiu-Jitsu, Professor. I want to sleep in peace when they’re not near,” wrote Sauer.

Proud and even more motivated, Ronaldo released yet another cool video. Check it out and spread it around.

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