Pan-American champion teaches “never-before seen” position

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Braga was one of the standouts at the Pan. Photo: Dan Rod.

Antônio Braga Neto put in a solid showing at the 2011 Pan. He won the ultraheavyweight division and took bronze in the absolute, only losing to Rodolfo Vieira, the big standout of the event.

In the video below, the black belt demonstrates a gem of a move. The title on youtube offers a hint of what’s to come: “Braga Neto show a position at AB-MMA like you never see it” (sic).

As GRACIEMAG readers keep on their toes and keep up to date on techniques of all kinds. saying it is one no one has ever seen before is a dangerous affirmation. But it surely is an interesting position.

Sweep and mount like Braga Neto:

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