Caio Terra and rivalry with Malfacine

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Caio Terra literally upside down to beat superheavyweight Bruno Bastos at last American Nationals / Photo: Alicia Anthony.

Caio Terra was one of 2010’s big standouts on the mats. The roosterweight caught attention by securing gold in the absolute division in two major events, the American Nationals and the Las Vegas International Open.

However, the rivalry with three-time world champion Bruno Malfacine, his great rival at roosterweight, drew attention too.

“At my weight, he’s the toughest, he’s really strong. At the 2008 World, I submitted him; at the 2009 Worlds, I sunk a triangle but he left the mat and won by points; and in 2010 I’m certain I won the match, although he took it by an advantage point,” says Caio in an article by reporter Deb Blyth featured in GRACIEMAG 165.

There’s another Worlds coming up in 2011 and the matchup may arise again. To achieve his desired result: Caio gives the recipe:

“I’m going to train hard to submit him in 2011.”

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