Daniel Moraes teaches how to double-leg without risk

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Daniel. Photo: personal archive.

The traditional double-leg takedown is one of the most oft-used and efficient ones practiced by Jiu-Jitsu stylists.

Daniel Moraes, a top competitor during his days in competition, taught a seminar at Michael Sergi’s Roberto Traven-affiliate academy Serg BJJ team in Savannah, Georgia, on December 3. The fighter sent GRACIEMAG.com an exclusive video where he demonstrates one of his specialties.

A savvy takedown artist, having trained with division 1 wrestling champion and former Brazilian Top Team coach Darrel Gohlar, the Gracie Humaitá black belt teaches a few tricks to the double-leg, like avoiding the guillotine choke, a typical counter, when shooting in at the legs.


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