GSP lashes out at Koscheck; trains mascots

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Photo: Josh Hedges

Good-guy image, fan worship, and hard game to beat. Georges Saint-Pierre generally emits all the traits of a gentleman, making him one of the most marketable MMA fighters in the world.

Even so, it didn’t keep him from lashing out at Josh Koscheck, whom he will face for the second time this Saturday at UFC 124 in Montreal.

“I’m doing this job because I want to be the best. I don’t want to be No. 2, I want to be No. 1, (…) the best of the best,” he told

“If I win against Josh Koscheck, when I’m going to beat him, (…) it’s going to be two times that I beat him, and if he has the same mentality as me (…), then he has to reconsider (his) career,” he adds.

In a lighter mood, GSP features in an ESPN television channel commercial. Check it out:

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