GRACIEMAG elections: who are 2010’s standouts?

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A certain world champion sinks an armbar. To not influence your vote, we kept it a mystery. Photo: Ray Santana.

High Jiu-Jitsu season 2010 comes to a close with the gentle art at the highest of levels, numerous aces having established themselves at the top of the heap.

Never before in the history of the sport have there been so many absolute champions, from so many different teams.

Excited about the promising year coming to a close, the team calls on readers, fans, teachers and their students always tuned in to the best of what goes on in the sport around the world to vote on the greatest champions of 2010.

Commentary is welcome, of course, but only complete votes will be calculated, or in other words, only suggestions for the winners of the seven categories will be taken into account. They are:

1) Best Jiu-Jitsu competitor of 2010

2) Jiu-Jitsu’s revelation of the year

3) Female standout of the season

4) Best MMA fighter

5) Best match

6) Most consistent athlete

7) Best non-black belt competitor

The results will be posted following the last UFC of the year – in December – for you to be able to let your vote perculate.

To remind you of how the year went, we put together a list of absolute division winners at the season’s big championships. Championships with light and heavy absolute divisions didn’t make the list.

Worlds: Roger Gracie (Gracie Barra)

No-Gi Worlds: Roberto Cyborg (The Avengers)

Miami Open: Roberto Cyborg (The Avengers)

Honolulu Open: Roberto Cyborg (The Avengers)

Pan: Bernardo Faria (Alliance)

Brazilian Nationals: Bernardo Faria (Alliance)

European Open: Guto Campos (Atos Ghetto)

South American: Augusto Tanquinho (Soul Fighters)

Asian Open: Marcos Souza (Bonsai)

No-Gi Pan: Pablo Popovitch (The Avengers)

Abu Dhabi World Pro: Claudio Calasans (Atos)

US Open: Marcel Fortuna (Ralph Gracie)

Brasileiro Sem Kimono: Victor Costa (CheckMat)

Rio Open: Rodolfo Vieira (GFTeam)

New York Open: Jonathan Torres (Lloyd Irvin)

Houston Open: Bruno Bastos (Nova União)

Las Vegas Open: Caio Terra (Cesar Gracie)

American Nationals: Caio Terra (Cesar Gracie)

American No-Gi Nationals: Gregor Gracie (Renzo Gracie)

Chicago Open: Rodrigo Comprido (Brasa)

International Masters: Rodrigo Munduruca (Gracie Humaitá)

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