Werdum: “If Fedor gave me one chance already, why wouldn’t he now?”

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Werdum applies a triangle on Fedor: Photo: Mike Colón

Back from the series of seminars he taught around Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Fabrício Werdum still doesn’t know when he’ll return to the cage. The black belt says the options are on the table, but he wants appreciation.

“I beat Fedor my last fight. After that, I gained a lot more recognition. Strikeforce really wants me to face Alistair Overeem. I’ll fight him, but I feel that now I’ll be more appreciated, that’s how it is in MMA. They also want a rematch with Fedor. If Fedor game me a chance already, why wouldn’t he give me one now? I feel it’s fair. If they pay for it, I see no problem,” he remarks.

Beyond that, the fighter isn’t discarding any options that may surface outside the Strikeforce arena. The United Arab Emirates and Japan may be new destinations.

“My contract isn’t exclusive; I can fight outside the United States in other events and I have loads of offers. I can fight in Abu Dhabi. I was also in Japan, which is another market that’s interested. I can fight there too,” he says in closing.

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