Couture brushes up on subs to face pugilist

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Couture works on his submissions. Photo: “Las Vegas Sun”

Renowned for his wrestling, whether in the style or in MMA, Randy Couture is getting ready for a showdown with former champion boxer James Toney. The fight goes down August 8 at UFC 118 in Boston. Although his past wins have come more by way of knockout than submission (8 to 3), Couture has been putting extra effort into honing his ground game for this upcoming challenge.

“I would love to choke the hell out of (James Toney). I think that’s a big piece of MMA and certainly a big piece I’ve been working on,” Randy remarked to the Las Vegas Sun.

“I suspect (the UFC gave me the fight against Toney) because I tend to be a cerebral fighter. They (UFC) probably realize I have a good chance of taking him down, putting him on his back and making the point that needs to be made,” add Couture, who always addresses his opponents kindly.

“I have a lot of respect for what boxers do, I never harbored the illusion of being a world class pugilist. I’m an MMA fighter.”

Check out a bit of “Captain America’s” training for his upcoming bout:

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