“Barbie Girl” lends strength and sensuality to Strikeforce

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Carina in sensual photo spread. Photo: Gerusa Falcão

GRACIEMAG.com called up Carina Damm, one of the four fighters to see action at the August 13 Strikeforce female GP. But the one who answered the phone was her black belt brother Rodrigo: “Hey! Carina’s working right now. Call back in 20.”

After the stipulated time had passed, we spoke to the fighter, who explained the reason behind the wait and sent a sample of what she was working on for GRACIEMAG.com readers’ approval.

“This was the work of a great photographer, Gerusa Falcão. It will be on the cover of her company’s portfolio. She wants to show how even a fighter can be a sex symbol!” explains Carina laughing.

That’s right, Gerusa. With a model like that, proving it is easy! But let’s cut straight to the chase: information on the ballyhooed female GP.

You, Miesha Tate, Hitomi Akano and Maiju Kujala will participate in the GP. When will we find out the matches to be made?

They haven’t been decided yet. They’ll do that by lottery on weigh-in day.

Carina at Bitetti Combat. Photo: Carlos Ozório

So what are you doing to prepare for three possible opponents?

We’re putting together a strategy for each of them. We’ve been watching their videos, mostly my brother and me. I’m training to fight all three; I have to be ready for them all.

What’s your breakdown on your possible opponents?

Miesha has a really strong shoot for takedown and I figure she’s one of the main opponents. I feel it would be a tough fight. But I also have enormous respect for the Japanese fighter (Akano). I think in terms of technique she will cause the most trouble, more than the others. I also noticed she has a huge gas tank, she never tires. Now I didn’t find much on Kujala, but my brother saw a video and I think that against her I’ll have to be ready to strike. She has a really strong kick.

What are your expectations for this major challenge?

I’m really happy. I believe and always believed in my career. Unfortunately, I’ve been out of the international ring for some time, but I knew I’d be back. I’m coming back strong, with a lot of desire to be champion. I hope I manage it. I’ve never been one to think I’ve won before the time comes, but I’m confident. I ask that people criticize, but don’t denigrate my image. Make constructive criticism. My work is picking up and I hope everyone is happy with the result. I’m going to grab this belt with a number of arms, from my whole family and friends.

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There are 17 comments for this article
  1. Jordan Burton, III at 7:15 pm

    I’m not down at all (or in agreement) with “Sensuality” in women’s mixed martial arts. Do you write about G.SP being a “sensual” man in the UFC? No!

    Women in mixed martial arts are professional athlethes and martial artist. I personally do not agree with emphasising “sex appeal” of women mixed martial artist. They are women who are disciplined to live healthy lifestyles and express themselves through martial arts.

    How are you going to take women serious in mixed martial arts if “SEX” appeal is being put into the picture? SMH … aka Shaking My Head.

  2. Jordan Burton, III at 10:29 pm

    Guy, I get that; I just don’t agree with it. All hail to her; I just don’t like to mix sex with women’s mixed martial arts. I am going to leave it at that.

  3. Christopher at 6:40 pm

    I agree with Jordan. Let’s say roughly 2/3rd of the MMA community already doesn’t support Women’s MMA. The 1/3rd of us who do try to spread the word of Women MMA’s legitimacy, but then things like this, or Gina Carano come along and the guys revert back to cavemen and only want to comment on how good they look. Be a model if you want, but keep it out of MMA, if you want to be respected as a martial artist. I don’t recall ever reading about ancient Japanese martial artists stripping nude and becoming “sex symbols”.

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