Exclusive: Roger and Gurgel train together

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Fabio Gurgel is on vacation.

Or at least we thought.

The Alliance general today announced over Twitter that he’s in London, but his down-time hasn’t yet begun.

“I just got back from Roger’s academy here in London. Together we promoted the student Ricardo Lewandowski to black belt. Of course, we trained…” wrote Gurgel.

Historic moment: Roger Gracie and Fabio Gurgel roll

Later, via email, Gurgel explained this standout Jiu-Jitsu moment in the story of Alliance and Gracie Barra: “Ricardo was a student of mine for years. He’s been living in London for three years and trains with Roger. At the European Jiu-Jitsu Championship in January Roger and I planned to promote him together the first chance we got. Ricardo is the son of the president of Brazil’s supreme court, who is also named Ricardo. As far as I know, he’s the first student to receive his black belt from two teachers from different schools.”

Out of focus, but replete with technique

And that wasn’t all, as Gurgel explains: “I had the pleasure of teaching some positions to the students and then Roger and I rolled.”

Gurgel took the opportunity to send in three photos of the historic training sessions. Three records that prove once again that rivalry in Jiu-Jitsu belongs to the past.

Gurgel, new black belt Lewandowski and Roger

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