Tererê heads to Europe and hints at return to international competition

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As reported by Brazil’s Sensei Sportv official twitter, @senseioficial, Fernando Tererê (Alliance) is close to making his return to international competition since a spell suffering depression and drug addiction.

Tererê’s condition was brought into the open after he was detained for an altercation on a flight from Washington to São Paulo on October 11 of 2004. GRACIEMAG.com couldn’t be more pleased to announce that Tererê is now planning more benign trips, and new heights for his victorious career.

After a period in rehab and then returning to daily training (in Rio and in São Paulo), Tererê embarked for London with his teammate Pedro Bessa to kick off a two-and-a-half month seminar tour.

“He flew out yesterday for England with Pedro Bessa. Tererê will conduct seminars at Pedro’s academy, then he’ll head to Alliance in Poland. From there he’ll head to Alan Finfou’s school in Sweden, and other countries,” reports Alexandre “Gigi” Paiva, pleased with his student’s progress and also for the gold medal he won in the master division at the Tijuca Tennis Club last weekend.

“He’s training every day and is really excited. Our goal is for him to make his return at next year’s European Championship in Lisbon,” added Paiva.

“It’s really great to be back, to feel this energy here in a championship. I’m really excited, training several times a day and I can’t wait to make my return,” remarked Tererê to the Sensei Sportv team. The star from Rio’s Cantagalo favela has also been sighted training boxing at Claudinho Coelho’s Nobre Arte gym.

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