Double dose of excitement at the Rio Open

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Rodolfo gets the tapout on his way to the absolute final. Photo: Gustavo Aragão

While the veterans brought the crowd to fever pitch during the International Master and Senior, the adult class was putting on its own show in the Rio International Open Championship that took place simultaneously at the Tijuca Tennis Club. This Saturday the absolute black belt division was on display, playing through till the two finalists to feature on Sunday were determined.

The two who made it through are Rodolfo Vieira and Leonardo Nogueira, two promising athletes who share the distinction of holding world championship titles at brown belt. There’s a good chance the two will face each other twice this Sunday, as they could face off in the second match of the heavyweight division.

GFTeam rep Rodolfo tapped out three opponents in the absolute. In the semifinal he submitted Fernando “Boi” Sousa with a choke from back mount.

“We may face each other twice this Sunday, and I’m certain they’ll both be tough bouts. But I trained a lot and feel I’m prepared,” says Vieira.

Léo Nogueira seeks the takedown against Vitor Henrique. Photo: Gustavo Aragão

Leonardo Nogueira lost to Rodolfo in the semifinal of the 2009 Rio Open. This year, besides the absolute final, he should face his adversary in the very same stage of their weight division.

“We fought again at the World Pro trials. I lost, but the match was a draw. All I can say is that I’m going to let my game flow and go after him. They’ll be great fights,” wagers the animal from Alliance, who beat three opponents to make it to the final, too.

To check out the full results, brackets and competition timetable, click here.

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