Choke hold a la Sengoku’s #1

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Marlon and cousin Polenguinho. Photo: Carlos Ozório

A belt-holder in two major Japanese promotion, Sengoku and Pancrase, black belt Marlon Sandro doesn’t let that keep him from throwing on the gi on a regular basis. Besides the pleasure of doing pure Jiu-Jitsu training, Marlon teaches it to the kids of Rio de Janeiro’s low-income Santo Amaro community where he lives.

“I try to provide support and occupy the minds of these kids, as well as provide them the opportunity to add yet another sport to their lives,” he says.

Alongside cousin José Carlos Dias, otherwise known as Polenguinho, who has been tearing things up in all the main competitions lately, Marlon teaches readers a choke from the guard pass.

Check it out:

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