Koscheck’s Law: never turn your back after trading provocations

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UFC 113, entitled “Machida vs Shogun 2” was all Maurício “Shogun” Ruas. But bad boy Josh Koscheck was also crowned, after he trounced Paul Daley in the co-main event and challenged the Canadian crowd in the arena in Montreal.

“Don’t worry, the Pittsburgh Penguins (a hockey team) will waste you guys here! And I’m going to beat GSP, so you’ll lose twice!” needled the madman, promptly receiving his good will in kind from the crowd.

The biggest mistake the Californian from Fresno made, though, was to turn his back after taunting his English opponent, eating a bomb on the eye. Paul, obviously, was fired from the UFC soon after the occurrence. (Watch the video here, starting at 11:30 min.)

It’s a reminder of how, often in Jiu-Jitsu and self-defense classes, the masters often overlook repeating this law that should be written in stone: “Never turn your back on an aggressor, or at least get enough distance to avoid any foul play.”

GRACIEMAG.com takes it as duty to stress the lesson. After all, it’s not the first time a sports star takes his eye off the run of play and gets taken from behind, as you may well remember. We dug up two awful examples of cowardly behavior. One inspired by the heavy scenes from the movie “Million Dollar Baby”, the other soccer wiz Edmundo.

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