Nice shirt, Mr. Moulton!

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Photo: Personal archive

It was a special Sunday for Jiu-Jitsu practitioners in Memphis, Tennessee. Royce Gracie was in town, and yesterday he held a seminar at Chad Chicutt’s Premier Martial Arts.

After teaching a sublime class on stabilizing the mount and several options for attack, white belt David Moulton returned home with something more than some new chokes for his arsenal. He took a special photo that he will never forget. Sporting his GRACIEMAG shirt, the student received his blue belt from the hands of Royce Gracie himself.

“It was a great seminar, as I had expected it would. We studied several submission options from the mount, and most importantly, how to put your opponent in vulnerable situations. And I even ended up with my blue belt. I want to take the opportunity to say thanks for this great magazine. It’s hard to find a magazine that’s just about the gentle art!” said Dave.

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