Russell Redenbaugh: much more than a black belt

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Royler, Russell, Rocha

Do you know Russell Redenbaugh?

You don’t?

Let us introduce him to you.

Russell Redenbaugh is approaching 65 years old.

Russell Redenbaugh is blind.

Russell Redenbaugh is a millionaire.

Russell Redenbaugh tried to make rocket fuel in his garage when he was 20 years old. The whole thing exploded and he lost his eyesight, several fingers of his hand and had to go through 25 surgeries.

Russell Redenbaugh has a Masters Degree with honors from the University of Pensylvannia.

In 2003, Russell Redenbaugh became Jiu-Jitsu world champion, as a blue belt.

And now, Russell Redenbaugh has become a Jiu-Jitsu black belt.

In the picture, you can see Russell with GMA member Eduardo Rocha and master Royler Gracie.

Russell started training with another GMA, Regis Lebre, back in 2000, following the advice of a physical trainer.

What can we say about Russel other than: What an example.

And congratulations!

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