Canadian WPJJC trials results

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The Canadian trials for the World Pro JJ Cup, to be held next April in Abu Dhabi, was held last weekend. The event was a huge succes with competitors from all over North America. GMA member Fight Planet Co. was the big sponsor of the event.

The GMA was also present on the mats. Toronto BJJ, of Jorge Britto, finished 2nd on the team’s competition, followed by Gracie Barra, also GMA member.

Check out below the results at the Pierre Charboneau Center, in Montreal, Quebec.



1st Ricardo Alvarez – Btt Canada
2nd Roberto Ito – Franco/Behring
3rd Nicolas Jarret – Btt Canada
3rd Enrico Manalo – Btt Canada


1st Vincent Galarneau – Gracie Barra
2nd Paul Scavuzo – Toronto BJJ
3rd Philippe Grondin – Btt Canada
3rd Patrice Larochelle – RGDA


1st Alex Contreras – H2O
2nd Fernando Sherrat – REV-MMA
3rd Grant Webber – Loyalist
3rd Mortaza kazi – Btt canada


1st Rafael Sherrat – REV-MMA
2nd Daniel Donahue – Ascension
3rd Dominique Brousseau – Btt Canada
3rd Bobby Biro – Btt Canada


1st Ian Harvey – Btt Canada
2nd Andy Stratas – REV-MMA
3rd Alexandre Faubert – Toronto BJJ
3rd Kevin Ong – Btt Canada


1st Sylvain Labonte – Btt Canada
2nd Guillaume Dube – Btt Canada


1st Nolan Brant – Loyalist
2nd Garner Lupo – Toronto BJJ
3rd Kyle Etrl – Toronto BJJ
3rd Alistair Vickers – Btt Canada


1st John Canestaro – Ascension


1st Alex Fraser – Btt Canada
2nd Jacob Conliffe – Toronto BJJ
3rd Kurt Mueller – Toronto BJJ
3rd Mohamed Jelassi – Btt Canada


1st Yann Dubonnel – Btt Canada
2nd Miki Adachi – Btt Canada
3rd Kashi Mahdi – Btt Canada
3rd Carlos Rivas – Btt Canada


1st Josh Presley – K.Taylor JJ
2nd Daniel Hale – Alliance
3rd Guillaume Fortier – Nordik FC
3rd Richard Pigat – REV-MMA


1st Francis Gareau – Btt Canada
2nd Benjamin Dunn – Btt Canada
3rd Olivier Aubim-Mercier – H2O
3rd Jonathan Brun – Academie Spo


1st Oliver Vadnais – Toronto BJJ
2nd Dominic Cote – Btt Canada
3rd James Haddad – Gracie Barra
3rd Oscar De Windt – Toronto BJJ


1st Jon Stephan – Toronto BJJ
2nd David knoptler – Btt Canada
3rd Matthew Cochrane – Positive Imp
3rd Bruno Carpine – Toronto BJJ


1st Chris Banic – Btt Canada
2nd David Vaughan – Btt Canada
3rd Philippe Dubois – RGDA


1st Christian Simmerling – Gracie Barra
2nd Cory Walton – Toronto BJJ
3rd Fabio Faria – Budokan
3rd Eric kayolo – Art martiaux


1st Ramiro Lopez – Btt Canada
2nd Philippe Rivest – RGDA
3rd Jason Freias – Franco/Behring


1st Tim Doon – Kombat Arts
2nd Cory Drake – Toronto BJJ



1st Shane Rice – Rickson Gracie – TRIP TO ABU DHABI PRO WORLDS
2nd Elliott Bayev – Open Mat
3rd Wade Shanley – Btt Canada
3rd Jonathan willis – Btt canada


1st Jacob Mckenzie – Fight sports – TRIP TO ABU DHABI PRO WORLDS
2nd Mike Zaniewski – Toronto BJJ
3rd Josh Russel – Gracie Barra
3rd Randy powell – Ascension


1st Thomaz Beech – Toronto BJJ – TRIP TO ABU DHABI PRO WORLDS
2nd Ryan keller – Btt canada
3rd Mark Colangelo – Gracie Barra
3rd Marvin lee – Gracie barra


1st Josh Griffiths – Clockwork – TRIP TO ABU DHABI PRO WORLDS
2nd Dan simmler – Boston
3rd Drew Ruttle – Alliance
3rd Amir Yafawi – RGDA


1st Rodrigo Munduruca – Munduruca JJ – TRIP TO ABU DHABI PRO WORLDS
2nd Louie Cerqua – Budokan
3rd Dana Dickeson – Btt canada
3rd Jason Figliano – RGDA


2nd Jen Flannery – 50/50 BJJ
3rd Sofia Amarante – S.Florida FC
3rd Natalia Kulikova – Independent


1st Misty Shearen – Munduruca JJ – TRIP TO ABU DHABI PRO WORLDS
2nd Libbie Corney – Peloten
3rd Lisa Tanguay – Btt Canada
3rd Ayisha Issa – Btt canada

– 161

1st Benjamin Dunn – Btt Canada – TRIP TO ABU DHABI PRO WORLDS
2nd Josh Presley – K.Taylor JJ
3rd Paul Scavuzo – Toronto BJJ
3rd Jonathan Brun – Academie Spo


1st Alex Frazer – Btt canada – TRIP TO ABU DHABI PRO WORLDS
2nd Christian Simmerling – Gracie Barra
3rd Chris Bannic – Btt Canada
3rd Dominic Cote – Btt Canada

1st Btt canada – 126
2nd Toronto BJJ – 46
3rd Gracie Barra – 25

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