Britto talks Pride-rules, knockout and Ontario Cup

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Black belt Jorge Britto added yet another MMA win to his MMA career on the 27th of last month in Edmonton, Canada, needing only 37 seconds to successfully defend his under-73kg (160 lbs) CCF title belt.

His victim at the fifth installment of Coliseum Fighting Championship was Josh Kyrejto, and Britto spoke of what it was like to fight under Pride rules with Wanderlei Silva in the audience, and leaked some of the surprises in store for the Ontario Jiu-Jitsu Cup, organized by the Gracie Tijuca black belt and Toronto BJJ teacher, our GMA.

What was it like to fight under Pride rules? Did you change anything in your preparation work?
For me not much changed, just some details like the duration of the first round being 10 minutes. But I have Mauricio Veio,  Andre Dida’s brother, with me and they have that Chute Boxe style that’s tailor made for Pride, with stomps, soccer kicks and everything (laughs).

Everyone could see the fight on, in the video section. But for you, what was the pivotal moment in the fight?
I think it was when I felt my right hook land, I saw that he felt the blow.

You told earlier that Wanderlei Silva would stop by, because his clothing line was sponsoring the event. Was he there?
Dude, just him being there was already special, the guy is the biggest inspiration!

With ten wins, you already have a pretty solid record, with a win over the UFC’s Rafael dos Anjos and all. Are you thinking of fighting in a big event?
I’ve been working a long time and believe that everything happens when God wills it. I just want to make sure that if the opportunity appears, I’ll be ready. I think in my life I never went more than 15 days without training. Whenever we intend to do something we have to give our best. That’s my mentality, so I’ll try to get as far as possible. Now on March 20 I already have another MMA fight at W-1 in Montreal. Training carries on strong!

How are your plans for the Ontario BJJ World Cup, on April 24 and 25, going?
They are going very well. I still have a few surprises to announce, but I’ll tell you beforehand that this year we will have a no-gi class and it will be a two-day event, evidence of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s growth in Toronto. Sunday we will have an inter-academy challenge, similar to the Brazilian Team Championship, and it will be exciting for sure, with athletes from Nova União, BTT Canada, Royler Gracie and Alliance.

I want to make the most of this opportunity to invite the guys from the USA. It’ll be worthwhile! All information is at

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