Caio Terra, a little guy ruling the land of giants

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Caio at the No-Gi Worlds. Photo: Alicia Anthony

Black belt Caio Terra in recent years has been waging fierce battles against Bruno Malfacine to decide who the roosterweight king of the Jiu-Jitsu Worlds Championship is. In 2008, Terra came out best in the final, while the so-called ‘Bad Boy’   secured his double in 2009.While Malfa carries on training in Brazil, at Alliance, Caio works on the gentle art in the United States, at Cesar Gracie Academy.  And there he makes competition history – promise of a spine-tingling confrontation at the 2010 Worlds in the race for the gold.

“I won NAGA here yesterday (last Saturday). In addition to winning the gi and no-gi divisions, I won the no-gi absolute  (there is no gi absolute). That is, I won everything in the advanced and purple, brown and black belt,” he told

But the achievements of the kid with the deadly guard don’t end there.

“The absolute winner takes home the event’s belt and in the final I beat an American Division 1 wrestler who beat a bunch of black belts. I weighed 131 pounds (about 60 kg) and he 257, almost twice my weight. I became the lightest absolute champion of the event,” says the fighter, who is also World No-Gi champion.

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