Black Belt narrowly escapes earthquake in Chile

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Victor Bobadilla and Portuño. Photo: Personal Archive

The earthquake that shook Chile on Saturday, reaching a magnitude of 8.8, killed hundreds and affected the lives of more than 2 million people, according to Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.

A well-known referee from official IBJJF competitions, GFTeam black belt Alvaro Bobadilla narrowly escaped tragedy.

“I was in Chile, where I taught a series of seminars and returned on Friday, shortly before the tragedy. I was in one of the cities most affected just a few days before the earthquake. My mother is in Chile, but, thank God, everything is fine with her,” says the fighter who, while living a long time in Brazil, is Chilean.

Alongside with Bobadilla came Victor Portuño, the fighter’s representative in Iquique, one of the areas threatened by tsunamis.

“Luckily, he came to Brazil to train and brought the family. He’s worried, but he even competed at a tournament and won,” he said in finishing.

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