Murilo Bustamante against Motosserra in boxing match

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Murilo still in shape. Photo: Carlos Ozório

At 43 years of age, Murilo Bustamante is unafraid to face new challenges. Away from the rings and cages of MMA since December 2007, Bustamante rose to the task yet again, just this time for an amateur boxing match.

His opponent at Nobre Arte boxing academy, at the top of Cantagalo hill in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, was also-MMA fighter Danilo Moto-Serra. The battle lasted three rounds, where both fighters strung together some good combinations. In the end, by judges’ decision, victory went to former UFC champion Murilo Bustamante, to the delight of the crowd (see the fight in full below).

“I asked Claudinho (Coelho) to set me up with a bout so I’d be more motivated to train. I was training a lot in the gi and needed to go back to boxing. Danilo accepted and for me it was very good, “said Murilo.

Team BTT celebrates at Noble Art academy. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Proof the MMA guys in has been investing strongly in boxing, other bouts featured fighters from the mixed style. Vitor Pimenta, of the BTT, showed great technique against Wendel Negão and won the decision. Rafael Macuco also showed great enthusiasm against Baiano and took full advantage with yet another victory for a BTT athlete.

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