MMA Studio Secrets gives tips to motivate students to return to training in gyms

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Professor Lance Trippett and his tips to improve your Jiu-Jitsu academy.

Following on the mission of expanding the business of Jiu-Jitsu teachers, MMA Studio Secrets shared with its followers some more tips in this complicated period of a pandemic: How to bring your students back?

According to local safety standards, most academies in the world have partially returned to their activities. Many students, however, have not yet resumed their activities. Some for fear, others for getting used to the absence of training. And that is why these tips can be valuable for you, attentive teacher. Check out!

Motivate the student

One of the important aspects is to motivate the student to exercise. Remind those who are still just sitting on the couch that they have to go back to activity, go back to the gym, even if they can’t train Jiu-Jitsu right away. There are people already able to return, others not. The important thing is to emphasize the benefit that this activity will bring to the person’s health, mentally and physically. All of these factors will be the motivation to bring students back.

The community needs you

The student, as an individual, is essential to the group. Students miss the previous environment, with classmates as a whole. They miss each other. The academy intends to bring everyone back together in that healthy and friendly environment. Conversations before training and after training, meeting new people. To know how they are, the news. The interactions between students are another attraction.

Want to know other tips on how to attract students and improve your business as a Jiu-Jitsu teacher? Follow @mmastudiosecrets on Instagram and be sure to check out Academy Kings‘ plans.

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