Helton Junior keeps working while hoping the world returns to normal

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Helton Junior is a black belt from Atos. Photo: AJP

Helton Junior is among the standouts in the heavyweight division these days. In 2019, the Atos black-belt took silver at the European Championship, gold at the Los Angeles BJJ Pro and Curitiba BJJ Pro, and also won at the ACB Worlds, in Russia, and Fight to Win (F2W).

Helton, who now trains under André Galvão, recently spoke to Fight Talk about his latest victories and the changes to his career due to moving from São Paulo to San Diego.

“My last season was one of adaptation, because I changed gyms and had to start projecting everything again,” said Helton, a black-belt since 2016. “I made new friends, learned new ways to train and learned new positions. It was a good year that served as experience for my career. Now, here at Atos, I have a different perception with BJJ and am excited for the new paths my career is taking. Galvão really incentivizes everyone. We also have really strong training sessions — people here are tough.”

With the main IBJJF competitions suspended, Helton has had to reinvent himself to keep up his physical activity and remain healthy. “COVID-19 is battering the whole world, and many companies had to close their doors,” he said. “I’m very sad for what’s been happening, but I believe God can change this scenario so we can be safe again. I’m also sending out positive energy to everybody and I continue to pray.”

He added: “In this quarantine, my training doesn’t have as much intensity as before, but I’m doing plenty of cardio at home. It’s worth noting, also, how much the BJJ community has been united and bringing information to many practitioners. Guys, I can barely wait to see you at the next championship. May everybody be healthy and eating well, like I am. Oss!”

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