Watch Copa Podio’s heavyweight GP live this Saturday

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Rider Zuchi, Errich Munis and Marcus Ribeiro will be featured in the heavyweight GP.

For the second time in Manaus, Brazil, Copa Podio Jiu-Jitsu will be descending on Tropical Hotel this Saturday, December 21, starting at 5 p.m. Brasilia time, for the heavyweight GP that closes its sixth season. This and many other attractions can be watched live on .

The eight fighters confirmed for the under-98kg GP are Maik Matos (AM), Marcus Ribeiro (SP), Harryson Santana (SC), Marcelo Gomide (MG), Erich Munis (SP), Rider Zuchi (SP), Marlon Godoy (SP) and Davi Pedra (RJ).

Amazon Grand Prix

Additionally, the Amazon Grand Prix (85kg) will be made up exclusively of athletes from the state of Amazonas: André Júlio (AJ Jiu-Jítsu), Victor Hugo (Equipe 7), Rigoney Junior (Cia Amazonense), Cristiano Ribeiro (Gracie Barra Madison), Emerson Carvalho (Orley Lobato) and Dawglish Souza (Pina).

But that’s still not the whole list.

Full card:


– Mica Galvão (BRA) VS Mogamed Abdulkadirov (RUS)

Cities Challenge

João Lucio (Parintins/AM) VS André Lobato (Belém/PA)


– Diego Borges (Zanith) VS Guitano Mione (Team Renzo Gracie)

Purple Games

Game 1:

– Diogo Reis (Dream Art) VS Diogo Marfran (Club Pina)

– Carlos Holanda (Qatar JJ) VS Melqui Galvão (Nabil JJ)

Game 2

– Yago Neves (Dream Art) VS João Cerine (Alliance Campinas)

– Junior Nogueira (Gracie Barra AM) VS Juan Viana (FFTEAM)

Amazon GP

– André Júlio (AJ Jiu-Jitsu)

– Victor Hugo (Equipe 7 )

– Dawglish Souza (Clube Pina)

– Rigoney Junior (Cia Amazonense de Jiu-Jitsu)

– Cristiano Ribeiro (Gracie Barra Madison)

– Emerson Carvalho (Orley Lobato)

Heavyweight GP

– Maik Matos (AM/BRA)

– Marcus Ribeiro (SP/BRA)

– Harryson Santana (SC/BRA)

– Marcelo Gomide (MG/BRA)

– Erich Munis (SP/BRA)

– Rider Zuchi (SP/BRA)

– Marlon Godoy (PR/BR)

– Davi Pedra (RJ/BRA)

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