Double interview: André Galvão vs. Felipe Preguiça before ADCC 2019

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Preguiça and Galvão will be doing the superfight.

Ready for the superfight that promises to rock the 2019 ADCC World Championships on Sunday, September 29, the BJJ stars André Galvão (Atos) and Felipe Preguiça (FP Team/GB BH) have proved they won’t run from a challenge. Confronted with questions from Graciemag, the world champions — and rivals from way back in the gi days — took some time to answer about the final stretch of preparation, each other’s strengths and the weight of the crowd in such a duel.

How evenly matched the two are was even reflected on our Instagram. in a poll we ran, Galvão took 52% of the more than 2,200 votes to Preguiça’s 48% — a technical draw.

Read on for our interview and stay tuned to the Sunday fight in our coverage coming straight from Anaheim, California.

GRACIEMAG: You are both famous for your high technical level and endless stamina. How are you planning on winning this Sunday?

ANDRÉ GALVÃO: I believe everybody gets tired. But I am ready, motivated, happy and willing to leave this fight the champion. Regardless of who gets tired first on Sunday, I want to win another one.

FELIPE PREGUIÇA: I can only say that I’m prepared to do a 40-minute fight in case that’s necessary. I will give it all I have from start to finish to come out of ADCC 2019 with the win.

Do you think the crowd can have an influence on such a technical duel?

Preguiça: I’m certain that, because it will be in California, there will be a big crowd of supporters on Galvão’s side, due to the proximity to his school. But I’m used to that. I have many years of fighting, and I know it won’t get in my way.

Galvão: Fighting at home is good, but I always feel at home, regardless of where the event takes place. The truth is that the BJJ audience always welcomes me warmly everywhere. Having the crowd on your side is always good, though, of course! I have many students and friends not just from here in San Diego, but also from many places, who are going to the event. I’m super motivated — doubly so, because of them.

What is, to you, your opponent’s biggest strength?

Preguiça: I think his strength lies in his takedowns and the back-take.

Galvão: He has good qualities. We know he has a good guard. I think that’s his strong suit.

Analyzing your opponent’s rival… is there a wish to use the spell against the wizard? Do you intend to take the back?

Galvão: I’ve trained to do my best. I will give my best in each situation, in each position, in each transition. I’m ready for a fight!

Preguiça: I currently have a complete game, and wherever I may find a space, I’ll go for it. If it’s the back, all the better!

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