Pablo Mantovani explains how he got the submission at F2W 117

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[Based on a press release.]

Pablo Mantovani won another BJJ match last weekend in San Diego, California. The black belt from Atos BJJ went straight to submit Andre Pontes with a kneebar at Fight to Win 117. The champ spoke about on how his pre-fight mental workout was determinant to get the victory.

“I always try to prepare myself mentally for the fight and imagine how every situation will play out for me and those variations. I always think on ways that I could get the victory, via submission or points. It always depends on my strategy for the fight. I always do that when I’m preparing before the event. I always pay a lot of attention on my pre-fight workout, one that could make me sweat a lot to avoid being surprised by my opponent in the fight. When I do align all that, I’m sure that I’m ready. Always follow my plan.”

He also explained how got the kneebar on Andre after using the berimbolo and attacking the feet, one of his best moves.

“Having the control of the leg of my opponent was the first part to help me in the position, because when I attack I have to make him give me something. On that occasion I was attack his back and his feet and he was defending, so we rolled and I was able to get the leg lock. I’ve been working those positions a lot lately.”

See the submission here:

Pablo also spoke about his vision about the trash talking game in jiu-jitsu. He believes that his way to promote the fights isn’t the right one.

“I don’t believe that’s the way to do it. I don’t see that as the example that I want to give to my kids and to the next generation of fighters. Respect is good and I like it. There are some people that disagree with my vision, and by the end of the story they’re going to be remembered as bad examples. If you look at the best athletes in the world they don’t use that strategy. I’ve never seen a guy like Cristiano Ronaldo talking shit about his opponents, neither did Messi and Michael Phelps. Or Usain Bolt, Mendes Bros, Miyao Bros and Roger Gracie. Let’s be honest: who uses that kind of strategy is someone that doesn’t know how to live without a spotlight or getting attention. But I do respect all the fighters and every choice that they make in their lives and careers.”

F2W117 Results

(Fighters paid $38,336 in Salaries and Commissions)

Black belt 

Kaynan Duarte defeats Gutemberg Pereira decision

Jena Bishop defeats Luizia Monteiro Decision

Ronaldo Junior defeats Sergio Rios decision FOTN

Rafael DallInha defeats Paulo Filho armbar SOTN

Baret Yoshida defeats Marcus Norat Crucifix Choke

Alfredo Barum defeats Marcus Porter decision

Paul Silva defeats Chris Stolzman Triangle

Pablo Mantovani defeats Andre Pontes kneebar

Victor Barreto defeats Matthew Palupelelei Choke

Piter Frank defeats Ricky Nunez armbar

Bruno Munduruca defeats Marcelo Lucena armbar

Harlan Berk defeats Raymond Rahn toe fold

Sophia Nordenö defeats Heather Woods heel hook

Johnny Souza defeats Miles Lukas Decision

Gabriel Bergami defeats Adam Mazin decision

Hygor Brito defeats Nisar Lynab Decision

Kuhio Tabancura defeats Vinicius Wong split decision

Kevin Berbrich defeats Tom Gallcchio decision


Gabriel Mendes defeats Andrey Lokhov 2 ippons


Pete O’Neal defeats Victor Oliveira loop choke SOTN

Clint Felder defeats Alex Howse armbar

Keith Krikorian defeats Dan Dykeman RNC FOTN

David Yee defeats Chris Richey foot lock

Michael Egley defeats PJ Montano Choke

Richard Lopez defeats Roberto Ramirez armbar

Chadwick Roland defeats Breylor Grout Heel Hook

Conrad Barrett defeats Dan Hoopes triangle arm lock

Alessandra Moss defeats Rafaela Guedes decision

Jay-Jay Wilson defeats Djavan Coleman Decision


Joseph Wingate defeats Michael Collins heel hook SOTN

Javier Zaruski defeats Diego Vazauez decision FOTN

Mariana Gil defeats Joanna Scott triangle

Chris Esparza defeats Adam Carcione choke

Elijah Thompson defeats Carl Boudro heel hook

Justin Pearce defeats Brian McMahan heel hook

Chase Mathew Parsons defeats Stuart Cole guilotine

Matt Cox defeats Chris Deal decision

Nikol Aguirre Almazan defeats Stefanie Fava decision

Leonard Miller defeats Marco Martinez decision


Joshua Webb defeats Jacob Brown ankle lock SOTN

Kay Fountila defeats Zoey Chiles decision FOTN Becomes F2W Teen flyweight NOGI Champion

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