Video: Jean Feijó teaches two options for beating the de la Riva guard

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A teacher at Feijó Academy in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Jean Feijó has up his sleeve a number of effective options for some of the most common complications that can arise in a BJJ match, and in today’s lesson he brings two techniques for defeating someone who’s doing the de la Riva guard.

In the following video, Jean shows how he attacks the guard player with an unexpected calf lock by trapping the leg of his opponent that makes the hook and lying down, locking his hip, to then apply the lock.

Another option, for athletes below brown belt level, who can’t use the calf lock, is Jean’s transition starting from the same mechanic. Except instead of finishing, he uses his opponent’s leg to come out on the other side and come up on the leg drag.

Translated transcript: “Starting from the de la Riva here, I push my opponent’s leg a little more toward the middle and come with my other leg back there, kneeling and closing the padlock to trap my opponent’s leg at the same time I dive here and perform a hug, gaining the other leg. I’m gonna point my knee out and drive my hip in the direction of my opponent’s hip, adding pressure on the calf lock. If he resists and starts defending [0:34], I can also throw my opponent’s leg over mine and gain the lapel on the other side. I post my hand and kick his leg out, coming up and arriving in the leg drag position.”

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