Video: Matheus Gabriel teaches a swift triangle attack

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Matheus shows his attack starting from the double pull. 

How do you react when you pull guard at the same time as your opponent? To Matheus Gabriel, a champion at the 2019 IBJJF Pan, one viable, effective option is to finish right away.

In this swift technique, he focuses on the correct grip to maximize the pressure. Then a quick hip projection put him in a position where all he has to do is adjust the triangle.

Starting 17 seconds into the following video, his instructions go like this: “Sometimes the person is trying to fight for the berimbolo. I’m gonna hold on the collar and the elbow. I don’t like holding on the sleeve so much, because there isn’t much pressure. And my left foot goes to the hip. Why is it on the hip? So I can come up with my hip to be able to catch him in the triangle. Like this [0:40]. I’ve locked the triangle in place, put his arm to the side. Foot on the hip, and squeeze the triangle.”

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