91 to 0: Cláudia do Val talks Manila Open score — watch the video

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Across two finals, over 150 points scored.

A world champion and sure sight in many open tournaments around the world, Cláudia do Val nearly rolled over the IBJJF scoreboard last month as she approached 100 points in a 10-minute fight at the Manila Open, in the Philippines.

The match was in the absolute division against local fighter Maybelline Masuda. Weighing 20kg less than Cláudia, Maybelline signed up for the super-heavy division to have someone to fight, and her Brazilian opponent proceeded to achieve two convincing wins.

In their first encounter, in the super-heavy division, Cláudia scored 63-0 and finished with a rear naked choke. Then, in the absolute, Maybelline came back for more and allowed 91 points before getting submitted via armbar. (Watch below.)

Part of the BJJ community went online to discuss the scoring, with diverging opinions. Some even called Cláudia’s attitude disrespectful. Graciemag talked to the world champion, who explained the real situation.

“In reality, I fought very carefully,” she told us. “I could have finished earlier, but my opponent was very small, lighter and defended herself well. I could have applied more force and will to get her, but I didn’t want her to get hurt. I fought in a serious way and without disrespecting her, looking for a technical way to finish the fight without causing any great damage. I evolved throughout the fight until finishing on both occasions, with no injury caused to either fighter.”

Watch here the fight where Cláudia scored over 90 points:

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