Rickson Gracie’s story to be told in Netflix film

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Back in 2017, Brazilian actor Cauã Reymond revealed his dream to Graciemag: to play Rickson Gracie in a film. And now that dream may be closer to coming true.

Rickson’s life is indeed being turned into a movie, as director José Padilha (Elite Squad, Narcos, Robocop) told HollywoodReporter.com. There is no timetable yet, but it is known that the picture will be available to Netflix subscribers.

“Rickson Gracie is one of the greatest fighters of all time and we are honored to share his story,” said producer Greg Silverman.

The feature-length film is likely to be called Dead or Alive and will deal with the entire timeline of BJJ, starting with Conde Koma’s training in Japan. Koma, circa 1917, became teacher to the Gracie family’s pioneer, Carlos, who was Rickson’s uncle and Helio’s older brother.

This won’t be Rickson’s first time in a movie, though. Twenty years ago, he was featured in a beautiful documentary called Choke.

You can come here to check out Rickson’s course on self-defense.

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