Here’s the top talent signed up for the IBJJF No-Gi Worlds so far

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The sitting absolute champion, Lucas Hulk, will be there. John Meno

With its start scheduled for next Friday, December 14th, the IBJJF’s No-Gi Worlds, which will be held in Anaheim, Calif., promises an avalanche of grappling goodness across three days.

On Saturday, the adult black-belts go into action, and it’s a real who’s who of the greatest BJJ fighters in activity. Names like Lucas Hulk (the sitting absolute champion), Gordon Ryan (a Renzo Gracie Academy star) and reigning two-time ADCC champion Yuri Simões will step on the mat as favorites, and will be joined by the likes of judo world champion Satoshi Ishii, former Strikeforce champion Sarah Kaufman, as well as jiu-jitsu greats Mahamed Aly, Gabriel Arges, Bia Mesquita, Roberto Cyborg, Michelle Nicolini, João Miyao, Luanna Alzuguir, Claudia do Val, Ana Carolina Vieira, Luiz Panza, Hugo Marques, Lucas Valle, Marcio André and more.

On the following list, you can see the biggest names enrolled so far.


Cícero Saldanha – Ares JJ
Nobuhiro Sawada – Tri-force JJ

Cléber “Clandestino” – Atos
Lucas Pinheiro – Atos
Hiago George – Cícero Costha
João Miyao – Cícero Costha

Kennedy Maciel – Alliance
Samir Chantre – Ares JJ
Pablo Mantovani – Atos
Alexandre Vieira – BTT
Gabriel Marangoni – CTA

Márcio André – Nova União
Gianni Grippo – Alliance
Johnny Tama – Alliance
Francisco Iturralde – Del Mar JJ
John Combs – Easton BJJ

Michael Liera Jr. – Atos
Erico Cocco – Fight Sports
Jaime Canuto – GFTeam
Victor Silvério – Gracie Barra
Hugo Marques – Soul Fighters
Lucas Valle – Start BJJ
Felipinho César – Unity
Manuel Ribamar – Unity
Lucas Rocha – ZR Team

Marcos Tinoco – Checkmat
Matheus Diniz – Alliance
Josh Hinger – Atos
Gabriel “Timbó” – BTT
Gabriel Arges – Gracie Barra
Servio Tulio – Gracie Barra
Kit Dale – Maromba JJ
Diogo “Moreno” – Soul Fighters
Murilo Santana – Unity

Jackson Sousa – Checkmat
Thiago Sá – Checkmat
Arnaldo Maidana – Checkmat
Felippe Trovo – Gracie Barra
Tim Spriggs – Lloyd Irvin
Devhonte Johnson – Unity

Kaynan Duarte – Atos
Lucas “Hulk” – Atos
Luiz Panza – Checkmat
Patrick Gáudio – GFTeam
James Puopolo – Ribeiro JJ
Elliot Kelly – Yemaso JJ

Jared Dopp -Alliance
Yuri Simões – CTA
Roberto “Cyborg” – Fight Sports
Max Gimenis – GFTeam
Satoshi Ishii – Paraestra Tokyo
Gordon Ryan – Renzo Gracie
Mahamed Aly – Lloyd Irvin


Fiona Watson – Fight Club
Mayssa Caldas – GFTeam

Ffion Davies – ECJJA
Amanda Nogueira – GFTeam

Tammi Musumeci – CTA
Catherine Perret – Checkmat
Michelle Nicolini – Checkmat
Gabrielle McComb – Gracie Humaitá

Ana Carolina Vieira – GFTeam
Bia Mesquita – Gracie Humaitá
Sarah Kaufman – Pacifc Top Team

Luanna Alzuguir – Alliance
Claudia Doval – De La Riva
Andressa Cintra – Gracie Barra

Andresa Correa – Alliance
Nathiely de Jesus – Unity JJ

Jessica Flowers – Gracie Barra
Nivia Moura – Ribeiro JJ

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