Alvaro Romano’s Ginástica Natural: Advanced kick training

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[First published in 2005.]

This issue, Ginástica Natural, physical education and Gracie Barra
black belt teacher Raphael Romano demonstrates a high-intensity,
advanced-level exercise. Seek to perform it after a thorough warmup,
and it will be useful in your developing several physical traits,
like flexibility and explosiveness.

1 – The move begins and ends in the same position on the ground.
Look to squat low so as not to overload your knees, and then leap
as high as you can.

2 – While in the air, in a brusque movement requiring great explosiveness,
perform a kick as shown in the photo and retract your leg
as quickly as possible, to return to starting position.

3 – Very important: while in the air, after retracting the kicking
leg, look to soften the impact when again making contact with
the ground. The trick is to land with the entire foot, not to crouch
too much and to absorb the weight with the muscles of the thigh,
preventing greater pressure on the knee. Immediately restart the
move, this time kicking with the other leg.

* Repeat four to eight times, depending on the shape you are in.
After all, the exercise is highly explosive. You may also perform the
movement without the leap, with both feet on the ground to make
it easier, kicking each leg alternately. Should you have any questions,
write to

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