Mauro Ayres — a transition from the omoplata to a foot lock

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Mauro Ayres teaches a foot attack at Carlson Gracie Irvine. 

The leader of Mauro Ayres BJJ in Ipanema, Mauro Ayres recently paid a visit to Carlson Gracie Irvine and taught a surreptitious detail for attacking via omoplata and finishing on the foot.

In the lesson, aided by instructor Jason, Mauro shows how he likes to arrive in the omoplata position, starting from the closed guard and forcing the unbalancing of his opponent with both hands on his collar. Then, after showing a few more details, Mauro simulates the scenario wherein his opponent does not allow the omoplata, and then deploys plan-B.

Instead of struggling against the strong opponent who refuses to accept the omoplata, Mauro spins his body in the opposite direction, locks his opponent’s waist, and goes for the foot in an attack that’s only legal for brown- and black-belts.

Watch the transition below and keep your rank in mind when applying this knowledge.

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