Vitor Terra’s bow-and-arrow at FJJ-Rio’s Sul Fluminense

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Vitor Terra. Flashsport

A teacher at Gracie Terra in Rio, Vitor Terra occasionally dons the gi to put his jiu-jitsu to practice. Last Saturday he had the opportunity to do just that at the Sul Fluminense Championship (referring to the southern part of the state of Rio de Janeiro), held by FJJ-Rio in the town of Resende.

A master by age, Vitor signed up in the adults’ section “to play with the kids,” as he put it. The lightweight final saw him display some fine technique and be rewarded with a submission.

After stabilizing on top, Vitor sought the lapel and slid to his opponent’s back. Then he went for his opponent’s leg, threw his body to the side and locked up his opponent with his legs, squeezing a sweet bow-and-arrow choke.

Watch the following video for a good example of a bow-and-arrow employed in a real tournament situation.

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