Again: Fighter employs BJJ takedown for a KO in MMA

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Sodiq Yusuff’s face hits the ground hard after Luis Gomez’s move. Screenshot

There are those who say that Luis Gomez (6w, 1l), an American MMA fighter, got lucky when he knocked out an opponent via takedown at the end of 2016. But now he’s done it again.

It happened last weekend at Titan FC 47, against Sodiq Yusuff. In round 1, during a clinch, Gomez trapped his opponent’s arm and applied an adapted seoi nage where he practically hides his body under his foe’s. The victim has nothing but canvas to land on, since he lacks a hand to protect himself.

After the move, followed by some ground-and-pound, the ref put an end to the bout, giving Gomez the featherweight belt. Gomez’s first time using the sneaky technique was at Fight Time 34. Click here to watch it.

And here’s the new version:

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