BJJ for kids: Kyra Gracie’s lessons for her daughters

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Kyra with her girls, Ayra and Kyara.

What is the most valuable gift you can give your children? A gift they can use for their whole lives, of course.

Kyra Gracie, a world champion who is thankful for all she has learned on the mat, wasted no time, and has already begun giving her two daughters — two-year-old Ayra and eight-month-old Kyara — priceless lessons in BJJ.

“At the same time you’re teaching BJJ, you are giving love to your kids,” she says. “At the same time they are in a new situation, they are in contact with me, close to me. All with the confidence of having Mom there.”

You can catch Ayra and Kyara’s training session in this video. And feel free to share your own method of bringing your kids into the gentle art.

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