Beatriz Mesquita celebrates her success at Abu Dhabi World Pro

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Bia, the medal and the belt. Abu Dhabi World Pro.

Beatriz Mesquita confirmed her favoritism at the Abu Dhabi World Pro, which ended last weekend in the UAE capital. The Gracie Humaitá star brilliantly defended her 62kg title as she overcame Bianca Basilio (Ryan Gracie), Luiza Monteiro (Brotherhood) and finally Tammi Musumeci from the back. The 26-year-old champion then analyzed the evolution of her game in an interview with Graciemag.

“I hate the pull to a flush guard and getting stuck on the 50/50,” she said. “I don’t like that jiu-jitsu; I think it’s ugly, and I saw myself trapped in that game. After the Pan, I started thinking better about strategies, and everybody encouraged me to believe in my pass, which is stronger now. Because of that, I decided to change a little. I already have a lot of confidence on the bottom, and now I believe in my top game as well. I am not afraid of being swept, because I know I will land comfortable on the bottom, as well as with plenty of chances to pass or take the back. The back-take happened often during my fights; I developed that game well.

“The women’s category is tough, because most will pull guard, and I saw myself in a situation that demanded change — or else I would always be stuck with boring, monotone fights. I have much more jiu-jitsu to show, and this championship proved this.”

About the fight with Musumeci specifically, Mesquita said: “I trained plenty and listened to the opinion of many people about how to shut down the berimbolo; I believe that made the difference. So, besides shutting it down, I was able to impose the pass. When she defended against the pass, she ended up giving me her back, and I was able to finish. A fight with her is always dangerous; she has this very strong position. If I’m a little late, it gets complicated. But now I have a more open mind to this type of game and, especially, to defend myself.”

Mesquita’s performance was likely a factor in her getting invited to ADCC 2017, set to take place on the 23rd and 24th of September in Finland. But one need not wait that long to see her in action, as she will be fighting in the Brazilian Nationals this weekend in Sao Paulo.

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