Fernando Tererê and drugs: “I thought I’d never wear a gi again”

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Tererê on the middleweight podium at the 2013 Euro, with Claudio Calasans and Alan Finfou. IBJJF.

Brazilian cable show Sensei Sportv went on air last weekend with a special episode on the moving story of Fernando Tererê, from the top of the BJJ world down to the bottom of the barrel, which he reached through his heavy use of drugs.

His friend Alan “Finfou” Nascimento recalled the day he gave back Tererê’s belt at a European Championship in Portugal. Tererê had sold it to him for 5 reais when he needed money.

“I lived in a crack area, all tattered and treated like a bum,” Tererê said. “I was at my zenith as an athlete when I got involved with drugs. I thought I would never wear a gi again.”

The two-time world champion black-belt under Alexandre “Gigi” Paiva also discussed his fighting style on the show: “I wanted my opponents’ collar, but first I’d feint with my legs, pretend I was about to attack low. It was like a Neymar move applied to BJJ.”

You can watch the complete piece here, in Portuguese.

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