Ricardo Libório on Rodolfo Vieira’s MMA debut

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Libório accompanies Vieira in Vieira’s entrance. Gabriel Srur/Santo Negro

BJJ superstar Rodolfo Vieira made his MMA debut last Saturday, achieving a submission win over Zarylbek Daniyar in the main event of an Arzalet FGC edition. Vieira of GFTeam was aided in his preparation by American Top Team, a gym led by another world-class black-belt.

Ricardo Libório, a legendary athlete shaped by Grandmaster Carlson Gracie, was behind Vieira’s strategy and training for the fight. Alongside Júlio Cesar Pereira, Kelson Pinto and others, Libório got Vieira in top shape for the cage.

He shared with Graciemag some of his experience in discussing Vieira’s fight.

“It was well-done ABC’s. He didn’t run away from the root, he shortened the distance well, and I think that will be about it for a good while. We will be using the basics, without getting too far from what BJJ is for MMA. He has the capacity to improve much more, still.

“He is a very good guy. Those who don’t know Rodolfo should look to learn more about the person and the athlete. He respects all his opponents — Buchecha was there today, for example. He is the anti-arrogance, the anti-hero of this generation of arrogant fighters we have these days. He has a wonderful heart, and unparalleled brilliancy in the sport. This kid is going places.”

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