GM #233: Be consistent and productive

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“What’s hard is not getting to the top, but staying there.” The sentence sounds like a cliché, but fits perfectly in almost everything we do in life. Being among the best requires strength, tenacity and sacrifice. You need to sweat, keep focused, be constant and always be innovating. Our cover subject this month knows all about this. Four-time world champion and ADCC champion Braulio Estima is celebrating 20 years of BJJ.

In all these years on the mat, he has conquered titles and taken on defeat fearlessly. He studied the techniques, worked hard and became one of history’s most respected competitors. We talked to the Gracie Barra black-belt, who gave valuable tips to help you evolve technically and be consistent and productive. Braulio also gifted us by teaching four of his favorite techniques from his arsenal, including his fearsome inverted triangle.

From England, where we did the Braulio story, we went to Rio de Janeiro, New York, Nevada and California, all the while capturing the best shots and curiosities of top-level BJJ. Graciemag #233 brings a diversity of articles to help the reader improve their BJJ and live the essence of the gentle art.

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