Rafael Lovato Jr. gets double gold at master 1; Vitor Shaolin stands out at master 2

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Rafael Lovato Jr. gets double gold. Photo by Luca Atalla

Rafael Lovato Jr. was the big winner on the first day of the World Master Championship, which is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. After winning gold among master-1 super-heavyweights, the black-belt went back to fight in the open and beat the competition once more. In the master-2 age group, Vitor Shaolin stood out as he defeated four opponents to get lightweight gold.

In the master-1 group, the biggest surprise was favorite Xande Ribeiro’s 2-0 loss to Eliot Kelly in a semifinal of the super-heavyweight class. Despite his stunning semifinal win, Kelly wound up losing the final to Lovato, a pupil of Ribeiro’s who used a choke to win it all. Later, Lovato fought in the absolute and ended up closing it out with Xande Ribeiro, who had scored 7-0 over Rafael Formiga in a semifinal.

Moving to heavyweights within the master-1 group, Romulo Barral won gold as he closed out the final with his teammate Roberto Tussa. In the middleweight division, Vitor Oliveira beat Gregor Gracie by decision to win the title.

Former UFC fighter and ADCC champion Vinny Magalhães defeated James Puopolo 1-0 on advantages to win at ultra-heavyweight. Featherweight Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho won his division as he closed it out with his mate Diego Bispo.

Shaolin beats four to get gold at master-2

Three-time world champ Vitor Shaolin was one of the standouts of the World Master. Among lightweights, the black-belt under André Pederneiras had a long path to get to the top of the podium. In a semifinal he beat Cícero Costha, a teacher to Leandro Lo and the Miyaos, by 2-0. In the final, Shaolin scored 6-0 on Marcelo Motta to get the gold.


Vitor Shaolin stands out at master 2. Photo by Luca Atalla

Flavio “Cachorrinho” gets double gold at master-2

Flavio “Cachorrinho” Almeida was the big name at master-2, winning double gold. At heavyweight, Almeida defeated former UFC fighter Fabricio Morango 4-0 to win the title. In the open class, he beat Tiago Almeida — who was champion at ultra-heavy — by one penalty to win the gold.

Representing the Carlson Gracie team, Carlos Manimal pupils Antônio Canudo and Raphael Abi-Rihan closed out the master-2 medium-heavyweight division.  At ultra-heavyweight, gold went to Viktor Doria, who beat Bruno Bastos 1-0 on advantages.


Flavio “Cachorrinho” defeated Fabrício Morango (4-0). Photo by Luca Atalla

Here are the complete results for the master-1 and master-2 age groups:

Rooster: Raul Marcello beat Juan da Silva by 1-0 on advantages
Light feather: Pablo Silva defeated Tiago Barros by points (2-0)
Feather: Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho closed out with Diego Bishop
Light: Marcelo Mafra defeated Rafael Formiga by points (2-0)
Middle: Bruno Alves defeated Mauricio Tognini by points (2-0)
Medium heavy: Vitor Oliveira defeated Gregor Gracie by judges’ decision
Heavy: Romulo Barral closed out with Roberto Tussa
Super heavy: Rafael Lovato Jr. finished Eliot Kelly with a choke
Ultra-heavy: Vinny Magalhães defeated James Puopolo by 1-0 on advantages
Open class: Rafael Lovato Jr. closed out with Xande Ribeiro

Light: Vitor Shaolin defeated Marcelo Motta by points (6-0)
Middle: Alex Nascimento finished Adriano Araújo with a choke
Medium heavy: Antônio Canudo closed out with Raphael Abi-Rihan
Heavy: Flavio “Cachorrinho” Almeida defeated Fabrício Morango by points (4-0)
Super heavy: Viktor Doria defeated Bruno Bastos by 1-0 on advantages
Ultra-heavy: Tiago Almeida defeated Lincoln Pereira by 1-0 on advantages
Open class: Flávio Cachorrinho defeated Tiago Almeida by 1-0 on penalty

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