Polaris 3: great matches, lots of thrills but no submissions

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Polaris 3 delivered a evening of thrills this Saturday in Poole, England.

The main card featured 8 matches with some of the best in the grappling world today.

There were a lot of thrills in each of the matches, but no submission was achieved by none of the fighters.

The main card kicked with a gi match between João Miyao and Yukinori Sasa. Miyao was more active throughout the entire 15 minutes, reaching side control and taking the back. Sasa was efficient in defending his neck to earn a draw.

Then it was time Geo Martinez and last minute replacement Luiz Tosta, in a nog-i battle. As expected, Martinez went right on to heel hook attacks, but Tota was able to resist and keep the fight going until time ran out for the 2nd draw of the evening.

Back in the gi, Darragh O’ Connail and Jonathan Satava had a exciting match in the third battle of the main card. Satava started out strong and made his way to side control and full mount, but could not finish. Darragh recovered in the end and was able to have an even match by the time the fight ended in another draw.

Gezary Matuda and Laurence Fouillat kept the gi on and also put on a great show in the fourth match of the day. The Brazilian put a lot of pressure on her French opponent and even got to a near back take with a hook in as she attacked the kneck. At the end, another draw.

Gianni Grippo also fought in the gi against Bruno Frazzatto for another 15 minutes of Jiu-Jitsu. The match didn’t see a lot of action and Gianni had the best moments with a near back take and a foot lock before time ran out for another draw.


Augusto Tanquinho and Ed Cummings had the much anticipated rematch of their 2015 ADCC -66kg quarterfinal, when Tanquinho won by one point. Cummings kept to his known game of heel hooks and had Tanquinho in trouble several times, but the 2013 featherweight world champion had his defense in place and resisted well until time ran out. Result, a draw.

The co-main event was the most heated encounter of the main card. AJ Agazarm and Jake Shields were on each other’s faces for the whole match, even going over the limit with slaps, head butts and more. Despite that, Shields had a dominant performance throughout the 15 minutes, reaching side control and full mount several times to attack katagatames and an armbar. AJ was brave in his efforts to defend and managed to come out with a draw.

The main event was a crowd pleaser and once again Garry Tonon showed why he is considered one of the most exciting and popular athletes today. Against a much heavier and apparently stronger Rousimar Touquinho, Tonon feared nothing and went after the submission he had promised to get. Heel hooks, foot locks, twisters, chokes from the back and even banana splits were tried. Toquinho tired out as time moved on and could not do anything more than defend himself and eventually flip Tonon over on his back. Time ran out  with no submission, but the crowd was happy with what they had watched.

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