Polaris 3 ready to go after all athletes make weight this Friday

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The third edition of the Polaris Jiu-Jitsu Invitational is ready to go this Saturday, in Poole, England.

This Friday, April 1, all athletes on the card faced the scale and made weight for their matches.

The event kicks off at 4PM (London time) with the undercard and then the main card at 6:30PM.

If you are on the USA, the start times are: undercard (11AM/8AM ET/PT), main card (1:30PM/10:30AM ET/PT).

Here is the complete card for Polaris 3.

Free Stream
10 Minutes – Submission Only

Alain Pozo vs. Micah Atkinson (NO GI)
Vinicius de Castrovs. Greg Creel (GI)
Keith McKenzie vs. Jeff Lawson (GI)
Adam Adshead vs. Phil Harris (NO GI)
Travis Newaza vs. Ben Dyson (NO GI)

Pay Per View
6:30PM (UK TIME)
15 Minutes – Submission Only

Joao Miyao vs. Yukinori Sasa (GI)
Geo Martinez vs. Dan Covel (NO GI)
Darragh O Conaill vs. Jon Satava (GI)
Gezary Matuda vs. Laurence Fouillat (GI)
Bruno Frazatto vs. Gianni Grippo (GI)
Augusto Tanquinho vs. Eddie Cummings (NO GI)
AJ Agazarm vs. Jake Shields (NO GI)
Rousimar Palhares vs. Garry Tonon (NO GI)

You can watch the preliminary card here.

You can buy the PPV for the main card here.

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