2016 Pan: schedule and brackets released; check out possible black belt match-ups

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The IBJJF has released the schedule and the brackets for the 2016 Pan Jiu-Jitsu championship.

The second most important event of the year kicks off this Thursday and wraps up this Sunday.

Click here and check out the schedule for each day.

The IBJJF also released the brackets for the event.

Click here to check your way to the gold medal.

With the brackets out, it’s time to take a look in the possible match-ups for the adult black belt division.


Roosterweight: Without the usual suspects Bruno Malfacine and Caio Terra, the division will certainly see new names in the big final. Our best guess is that Mikey Musumeci and Koji Shibamoto are the most probable candidates for the final.

Light-featherweight: João Miyao is certainly among the favorites to be in the final in a division with big names like Hiago George, Isaac Doerdelein, Gabriel Wilcox, Vitor Paschoal, Gabriel Moraes and Ivaniel Oliveira, among others. Our best bet for the final: João Miyao vs. Hiago George.

Featherweight: One of the most stacked divisions, it’ll be hard to predict a final match among names like Paulo Miyao, Brian Mahecha, Bruno Frazzatto, Marcio Andre, Osvaldo Moizinho, among others. Out bet: Paulo Miyao vs. Marcio Andre.

Lightweight: Another division with an all-star cast. Michael Liera Jr., Edwin Najmi, Kevin Mahecha, Mansher Khera are all on one side and should fight for one of the spots in the final. Gabriel Rollo, Andris Brunovskis, Francisco Ituralde and AJ Sousa are on the other side. Our guess for the final: Michael Liera Jr. vs. Gabriel Rollo.


Middleweight: Otavio Sousa is the biggest name here, but the two-time world champion has some good company in JT Torres, Victor Oliveira, Jon Satava, Abmar Barbosa, Dillon Danis, Nathan Mendelsohn, Vinicius Marinho, among others. Pointing out the two favorites is a hard thing to do. Our bet for the final: Otavio Sousa vs. JT Torres.

Medium-heavy: This should be the highlight of the event, besides the open class. Romulo Barral and Leandro Lo lead one of the toughest divisions in a long time. They have the company of Murilo Santana, Thiago Sá, Diego Ramalho, Matheus Diniz, Gabriel Arges, Inacio neto, Renato Cardoso, among others. Our bet is the safe one: Leandro Lo vs.  Romulo Barral.

Heavyweight: Leonardo Nogueira and Tim Spriggs appear as the main names here, but they have some big company in Roberto Torralbas, Lucas Rocha, Arnaldo Maidana, Cassio Francis, among others. Our bet: Leo Nogueira vs. Tim Spriggs.

Superheavy: Another division with two major favorites, Bernardo Faria and Yuri Simões. Luiz Panza is also a big name as he returns from a long period away recovering from a broken leg at the 2015 WPJJC. jared Dopp, Alex Cecconi and Elliot Kelly can also make some noise here. Our best guess: Be faria vs. Yuri Simões.

Ultraheavy: Just like the superheavy division, three names stand out here. Andre Galvão, Mahamed Aly and João Gabriel Rocha should make things interesting. Our bet for the final: Galvão vs. João Gabriel.


Lightfeather: Gezary Matuda, Ariadne de Oliveira, Kristina Barlaan and Chelsea Donner are the most well known names here. Our bet for the final: Gezary vs. Kristina.

Featherweight: With only three competitors, the final will most probably be Mackenzie Dern vs. Karen Antunes.

Lightweight: Bia Mesquita, Tammi musumeci and Sarah Black should fight for the two spots in the final. Our bet: Tammi vs. Bia.


Middleweight: Michelle Nicolini and Luiza Monteiro are the favorites,but Rossie Snow and Amanda Loewen have all the tools to disrupt the order of things. Our bet: Michelle vs. Luiza.

Medium-heavy: Andresa Correa is the favorite in a 4-woman division. Our bet: Andresa Correa vs. Megan Nevill.

Heavyweight: With three names on the brackets, the most probably final should feature Fernanda Mazzelli vs. Talita Nogueira.

Super-heavy: Dominyka Obelenyte is back on the scene. The final should be the Dom vs. Alexis Du Fresne.


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