UFC Fight Night London: Bisping beats Silva via UD in a thrilling and controversial fight

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Michael Bisping fulfilled this Saturday one of his dreams as a MMA fighter.

He defeated one of his heroes in Anderson Silva, in a thrilling fight in London, England.

“When I was starting and I was only a cocky kid, I used to watch this guy and say “wow”! This guy is one of the best martial artists of all times,” said Bisping after the final result was announced.

Bispining’s unanimous decision victory (3X 48-47) was built with strong performances on the 1st, 2nd and 4th rounds.

Silva, as usual, relied on his elusive style and his showmanship, looking for that one highlight reel strike that would end the fight.

While the Brazilian did that, Bisping started to connect his punches and score points with the judges.

A knockdown on the 2nd was his high point in the fight, but Silva was able to defend it well with his back on the canvas.

The third round was the most controversial, as Silva finally caught a break at the very end of the 5-minute period.


A left hand popped Bisping’s mouth piece out and Silva worked his knees until he landed a powerful strike to the head that threw his opponent to the ground in the same exact moment the bell went off.

Anderson went on to celebrate what he thought was a knock out win, but referee Herb Dean said the fight was not over.

On the fourth round, instead of finishing Bisping, once again Silva stepped back and allowed the Brit to recover and even win the round.

Knowing he was behind, Silva was more active in the 5th and clearly won that one with beautiful punches and strikes, including his trademark straight kick.


After the final bell, the judges decided in favor of Bisping and Silva was not happy.

In Portuguese, he said: “You guys saw what happened. Even when you think you won, they find a way to take it away from you. I thought the mission was completed. It’s like Brazil, total corrupt.”


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