2016 European: brackets out and the Editor’s picks for the black belt finals

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The IBJJF has released the official brackets for the 2016 European championship, which kicks off this Wednesday, in Lisbon, Portugal.

The black belt division is scheduled for the weekend, but we can start having fun with it right now.

Click here to check the brackets and schedule for the event.

Here are our Editor’s picks for the most probable final matches in each black belt division.

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Roosterweight: Caio Terra is a favorite for the title. His most probable opponent in the final is the always tough Koji Shibamoto. Can someone spoil the party? Final: Caio Terra vs. Koji Shibamoto.

Lightfeather: João Miyao is the clear favorite for the title, so he should make his way to the final. On the other side of the bracket, Miyao’s teammate Hiago Silva and also Luis Felipe Pinto and Edvaldo Ferreira should fight for the other spot. Final: João Miyao vs. Hiago Silva

Featherweight: One of the most stacked divisions, with names like Marcio Andre, Isaac Doederlein, Italo Lins, Brian Mahecha, Renan Sancar and Paulo Miayo, it’s tough to pick the two finalists. Even so, our Editor is beting on a Miyao vs. Andre showdown. Final: Marcio André vs. Paulo Miyao.


Lightweight: Another great mix of talents, the lightweight features Kevin Mahecha, Edwin Najmi, Mansher Khera, Michael Liera and Victor Genovesi, just to name a few. It’s gonna be a sight to see and very tough to predict the finalists. Anyway, here we go. Final: Edwin Najmi vs. Michael Liera.

Middleweight: Also a fun division to watch, it’ll probably be a clash of generations. Allan Nascimento and Yan Cabral leading the the team of the experienced fighters against young guns like Lucas Barbosa. Final: Allan Nascimento vs. Lucas Barbosa

Medium-heavy: With Leandro Lo out, the spot in the final against favorite Romulo Barral should be decided between Gabriel Arges and Patrick Gaudio. Final: Romulo Barral vs. Gabriel Arges

Heavyweight: Two names stand out as favorites here. Can someone make it to the final other than Pena and Sousa? Let’s see. Final: Felipe Pena vs. Jackson Sousa.


Super-heavyweight: Filled with good names, the division will a sight t see. Lucio Lagarto is going for his sixth title in Lisbon. Erberth Santos wants his second as a black belt. Final: Lucio Rodrigues vs. Erberth Santos

Ultraheavy: Andre Galvão was registered to compete, but his name was scratched from the bracket, which makes things much more undefined. Final: Pedro Moura vs. Alan Ferreira.

Open Class: Considering all the names registered and confirmed in the black belt division and if all the big names register for the open class, the most probable final is Barral vs. Pena. Final: Romulo Barral vs. Felipe Pena.


Lightfeather: With five names, Kristina Barlaan, Ariadne Oliveira and Chelsea Donner are the favorites. Final: Kristina Barlaan vs. Ariadne Oliveira

Featherweight: Only two athletes registered. Final Mackenzie Dern vs. Yasmine Wilson

Lightweight: Four good names in the division in Jessica Santos, Sarah Black, Laurence Cousin and Maria Gonzalez. Final: Sarah Black vs. Chelsea Donner


Middleweight: The most stacked weight class in the female black belt division, the middleweight has two very well known names as favorites for the final. Final: Luanna Alzuguir vs. Luiza Monteiro

Medium-heavy: Andresa Correa is the favorite here. Final: Andresa Correa vs. Karolina Zawodnik

Heavyweight: Only two athletes registered. Final: Ewelyn Arruda vs. Venla Luukkonen

Open Class: If all of the big names register for the open class, we should have great thrills in the female absolute division. Final: Mackenzie Dern vs. Luiza Monteiro


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