5 things that make the European c’ship a unique event in the BJJ calendar

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2015 European Championship

The registration deadline for the 2016 European championship is this Monday, January 11.

As a matter of fact, it’s most likely that the full capacity will be reached before the clock strikes midnight, as we are over the 90% mark.

Click here to register now and compete on January 20*-24, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Here are seven things that make the annual stoppage at the beautiful city of Lisbon such a particular occasion in the Jiu-Jitsu calendar.

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1. The crowd


The bleachers in Lisbon are always full and the crowd is not shy in being a huge part of the show. They cheer, they boo and they applaud great moments on the mats. Gabi Garcia said last year that meeting the crowd in Lisbon is one of her favorite things in Jiu-Jitsu. André Galvão was cheered in every single match during last year’s edition.

2. Location, location, location


Lisbon has all the great things you would expect from a major European capital, but without having to pay for Paris or London prices. The food is amazing, it’s not that cold, the people is super friendly and there are a lot of great sights to be visited in your free time. Brazilians love it to go there because they speak the same language as the locals (well, almost), so everybody is happy.

3. History


Since 2004, the European championship has been the setting for some of the most touching moments in Jiu-Jitsu history. In 2005, it was in Lisbon that Roger Gracie and Ronaldo Jacaré met for the first time after the famous armbar final at the 2004 Worlds. In 2009, Kron Gracie fought and won the middleweight division hours after learning that his grandfather Helio Gracie had passed away in Brazil. Kron’s celebration after the final win was one of the most touching moments ever. In 2013, Alan “Finfou” Nascimento brought the entire venue to tears when he returned the black belt Fernando Tererê had once sold to him while battling drug addiction.

4. Annual reunion 


The European championship is the first event of the calendar and also the moment of reunion for the Jiu-Jitsu community after the holiday break. Other than that, it’s the largest gathering for the BJJ people in Europe and so they come from all over the continent and beyond to celebrate the art they all love.

5. Surprise!


The European championship has also been the stage for some of the most surprising moments in Jiu-Jitsu history. Featherweight Mario Reis won the open class division in 2006 and still is the lightest competitor to have that title. Alex Trans broke the Brazilian domination in 2014, when he became the first European-native to win the open class gold medal. In 2013, Keenan Cornelius had two thrilling battles with the Miyao brothers before winning the brown belt open class division. What thrills can we expect from 2016?


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