UFC 193: Holly Holm lands high kick to beat Ronda Rousey by KO on Rd. 2

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Holly Holm is the new UFC Bantamweight champion

Holly Holm is the new UFC Bantamweight champion

HAYABUSA-SELO-GRACIEMAGSHOPThe UFC female bantamweight division has a new champion.

Holly Holm needed one round and 59s to defeat Ronda Rousey and become the new queen of the weight class.

Since the first moments of the fight, Holm was able to keep her distance and hit Ronda with a series of punches that immediately started to punish the champion’s face.

Ronda was able to take the fight to the ground once, but Holm managed to get up without having her arm threatened.

As soon as the 2nd round began, Holly kept her strategy and followed to punish Rousey until close to the first minute mark.

That’s when a high kick to the neck threw Ronda to the ground and Holm followed to finish the fight with a few more punches until referee Herb Dean stopped the fight.

Later on, Hom talked about her accomplishment: “I’m trying to sink in all that happened in. Everything we planed for the fight, happened. I knew she was going to com after me and I was ready for that.”

Ronda Rousey was transported to a local hospital in Melbourne after the fight. “She had a tore uper lip and also because she was knocked out,” explained Dana White.

The UFC president tried to define what had just happened in the octagon: “It was one of those moments that makes fighting so fun. I was the one who put this fight together and I heard a lot of people saying it was not a good fight. I knew this was the right fight. Holm was an opponent like no other for Ronda. She had three times more fightes than Ronda and she was used to title fights. We will not decide on a rematch right now, but it obviously makes sense.”

Holm talked about what he felt when the fight was offered to her: “I wasn’t expecting for the phone to ring that soon, but I also knew that you can’t turn away an opportunity like that if you want to get somewhere. So, I said let’s go and started to work hard. I can’t even tell you how many times I cried in my camp after a bad session. I knew I had to go back in there and give my best if I wanted to be the champion.”

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